‘The Age of Humanity May Be Over, But We’re Still Hungry’ by Yasumi Atarashi, illustrated by Chocoan

Lyco: “Mmm, you’re the best chef in the world, Uka!”

Uka: “Would you like seconds, Lyco-chan?”

[Lyco: Garandou’s bouncer-slash-waitress. She is a mercenary known and feared as the ‘Hellhound of Arakawa’, but she becomes utterly tame in front of Uka’s cooking.]

[Uka: A genius chef who runs Garandou with Lyco. She has all the grace and elegance of a lily in bloom, but she knows exactly how to make Lyco do as she pleases.]

Uka: “Don’t give up, Lyco-chan! I’m rooting for you!”

Lyco: “Why won’t this frickin’ dragon just lay down and die!?”

The heavy thudding of gigantic footsteps grows steadily louder. It’s do or die now. No matter how she might complain, the ‘Hellhound’ has never failed a job, and she’s not about to start now. That sense of stubborn pride is perhaps the most valuable lesson the man who raised her ever taught her.

Uka: “Wow… Just look at all these old veggies!”

Lyco: “Seriously, you’re such a goddamn princess…!”

Luan: “I’m sorry, I truly meant no offense. That is simply one of the precepts we White-Cloaks follow.”

[Luan: A rookie member of a religious organization, the White-Cloaks, which is responsible for keeping the peace in Skopulus. He is an old acquaintance of Lyco’s, though they’ve never gotten along well.]

Kanna: “Hey, Uka-chi! I wanna eat your food again sometime! Can you come do another cooking trip later?”

[Kanna: A data expert with an Net connection implant in her brain. Her high-speed high-accuracy calculations can even divine the future.]

TOKYO Metro After the ceaseless wars and natural disasters of the 23rd Century, a group of elites retreated to this underground bunker-city.

3rd Experimental City Skopulus Formerly known as Tokyo, this ruined metropolis houses those left behind on the surface. The former concrete jungle is now an actual jungle, as all manner of natural life has reclaimed the land. Only the plant-free insides of some ruins and marketplaces encircled by barbed wire can fully support human life.

Arakawa A relatively safe region within Skopulus. Uka and Lyco’s restaurant, Garandou, lies in its suburbs.

Adachi, Katsushika, Edogawa Wild, untamed jungle, population approx. 0.

The Croc-Jaw Precipitous cliffs that flank the mouth of the Arakawa River and function as the city’s port.

SEED A criminal organization that engages in all manner of drug deals, arms sales, and mercenary work. Their headquarters are located in Arakawa.

白衣 A religious organization that keeps the peace in Skopulus. Their followers adhere to a wide array of commandments, including a form of veganism.

FEATHER An African mafia group from the Taitou area. SEED’s business rivals.

DFO The Defensive Front for the Obsolete, the last military force left as of the 23rd Century.

HEO The Human Evolution Organization, a group that rules the central area of Skopulus using its highly advanced biotechnology. FEATHER’s patrons.

Age of the Ark The era in which the majority of humanity fled Earth for outer space, resolving to return after the environment had regained equilibrium. Typically refers to the end of the 22nd Century.

PAC Pluripotent Anucleate Cells. A single injection enables any living being to regenerate nearly any injury with ease.

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